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Bolungarvík beach

The beach in Bolungarvík


The view on Bolungarvík up towards the Göngumannaskörð mountain pass.
The best way is roughly indicated with poles. It begins north of the beach, near the ruins of Bolungarvíkkursel.

Arctic chicken

An Arctic chicken ?

To the mountain pass

In the clouds way up to the moutain pass.

Göngumannaskörð mountain pass

The Göngumannaskörð mountain pass, no view today !


Descent to Barðsvík



Barðsvíkurós fording

The fording on Barðsvíkurós.


Smiðjuvík fjord, there is a campground with latrines.

Cliffs north of Smiðjuvík

Cliffs north of Smiðjuvík, increasingly high
The way ( off trail ) is not easy to find I would have had to go up as soon as possible, by staying too low, I was stuck facing a precipice.

Drífandi Waterfall

Drífandi waterfall ! Really impressive ! The ford is 40m upstream of the waterfall.
We can guess it on the photo.

Camping on the heights of Drífandi

To sleep !Somewhere on the hills near Drífandi on a field of foams

Day 3 : Drífandi - Höfn

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